5 words German – Free for beginners (A1)


5 words German – Free for beginners (A1), A1 Level – Learn to speak and use German from the very first class. All with only 5 words a day.

Hello and Willkommen (Hello and welcome!)

This course will give you a stable foundation for your efforts to learn German.

In video lessons, I will guide you through clearly structured lessons, including not only grammatical explanations, but also many exercises guided by video, vocabulary, and additional information.

This is a demo course in which you will learn a few phrases and approximately 50 words in German.

After completing this demonstration course, you will be able to speak a few sentences in German and the language will not be entirely foreign to you. If you want to continue learning German, 5-word German COURSE 1 is available on my Udemy page.

Vielen Dank (thank you very much)


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