5-Day Guided Meditation Challenge – Stress & Anxiety Relief


5-Day Guided Meditation Challenge – Stress & Anxiety Relief, Are you struggling with stress, anxiety and burn out? Join this meditation journey to come back to yourself.

Hi Friends,

Welcome to your 5-DAY GUIDED MEDITATION CHALLENGE by Kanwal Jehan

When it comes to meditation, consistency is essential. I have this short journey to help you reduce stress, anxiety and burnout, increase your mindfulness and develop a consistent meditation practice. I invite you to take from 10 to 20 minutes each day and dedicate it to your spiritual practice.


This is your meditation plan for the next 5 days:

  • Day 1 – Body Scan & Relaxation Meditation – 20 Min
  • Day 2 – Vipassana & Mindfulness Meditation – 18 Min
  • Day 3 – Self-Awareness Meditation – 16 Min
  • Day 4 – Loving Kindness (Metta) Meditation – 18 Min
  • Day 5 – Gratitude Meditation – 12 Min

To help you track your progress, I have created a meditation journal that you can print out and check off the days you meditated. Under resources, you will find your meditation journal. Every day before you meditate, I invite you to open up your journal first and then meditate. Have your journal next to you when you are meditating (you can leave the journal as a word doc or print it out or write the prompts in your personal journal). Remain consistent with the journal to develop a meditation + journaling habit.

Happy meditating. Enjoy every moment of your self-discovery and self-exploration experience.

**Student and client wins, testimonials and success stories:**

Kanwal’s meditations are powerful and super soothing. I can’t believe how calm and relaxing her voice is. It’s like everything disappears and healing just starts to happen. I love working with Kanwal. I am doing her second program now “Meditation Mindset” and it’s helping me heal old wounds and traumas. I did the “Life Clarity” program first which really gave me clarity in every area of my life. Now, I wanted to do a deep dive to heal my traumas, release old patterns and habits and reprogram my subconscious. I highly recommend working with Kanwal. You will see what a gift it is to realize your purpose and dream. You will also find comfort and joy in being present. — Callie B., New York


Kanwal is an incredible coach. She’s extremely intuitive coach and mentor. I had the pleasure of working with her most of last year and I can honestly say, her teachings have left a huge impact. She combines many modalities in her teachings keeping the learning curious, fun and creative. I highly recommend working with it. It’s totally worth it. You see changes immediately! — Sheila M., New York


Kanwal truly is an incredible and inspiring coach. She brings out the best in you. Every session is insightful, filled with aha moments. I always get some major breakdown in each session and feel like I am making progress. I no longer feel held by my limitations and childhood traumas. The meditation coaching has been insanely powerful. Thanks Kanwal. I can’t thank you enough. — Allen S., Los Angeles


I was going through a spiritual awakening I wasn’t aware of when I spoke to Kanwal. She explained to me the phases of the awakening and how most it was normal. She told me to feel into all of it and welcome it. The resistance I felt and the need to control my outcomes and reality was holding me back from surrendering and trusting in the universe. We continue to have our sessions weekly and I learn more about myself and my spiritual awakening. It’s such an amazing experience. — Samantha K., New York


I was skeptical at first because I had never tried coaching like this. After one session with her, I realized how much I was lying to myself and that it was time to be honest with myself. I was letting my fears hold me from achieving my dreams and realizing my purpose. I can’t believe I didn’t start sooner. I am so so so so grateful to Kanwal for her wisdom, knowledge, love and support. She does this thing about “acknowledging” which makes such a huge difference. I have learned so much, where do I even begin with. 🙂  — Hailey S., London

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