4D Planning – Learn advanced planning for project management


4D Planning – Learn advanced planning for project management, 4D Planning using Synchro 4D.


This course aims to Equip you with the advancement in project planning by training you in 4D Planning. 4D Planning is carried out using available schedule in traditional scheduling software and 3D Models developed from various 3D Applications by integrating two of it.

Integration of this two will provide better capabilities in managing projects of all kind. The 4D Planning course takes you through a well structured and curated lectures in understanding and applying 4D functions to develop 4D Schedule.

The course takes you through initial setup and understand the application layout, use of schedule and model in integrations to created 4D Schedule. The course also teaches the schedule function in Synchro 4D.

This is best suited at intermediate level learning for all kinds of learners ranging from students; working professionals and to managers.

Learning advanced Planning Tool through this course will give you an advantages in the industry and will really up your skills.

Manage projects with the ease as better understanding leads better problem solving

It will aid better decision making and creating leaders of tomorrow.

We at Prime Project Control always encourage you to raise your queries and doubts as and when you come and we are happy to solve

Wish you good luck and best wishes!

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