2-Course Bundle: Boundaries and Goal-Setting Strategies


2-Course Bundle: Boundaries and Goal-Setting Strategies, Step-By-Step Easy-To-Follow Personal Development Strategies. Productivity. Assertive Communication. Social Skills.

This 2-course bundle includes the following classes:

  • Optimized Goal-Setting: Step-By-Step Strategy | Productivity & Critical Thinking
  • How To Set Boundaries: Step-By-Step Strategy | Communication and Social Skills

Optimized Goal-Setting: Step-By-Step Strategy

You may be great at setting tasks for yourself, but are you really setting goals?

Ever wondered why, even though you take the time to write down your daily, weekly, or monthly goals on a piece of paper or on a digital screen, and often succeed in checking them off on time, you are still not where you want to be in your life?

Why is it that determination, motivation, and discipline do not seem enough to create the personal or professional environment that you want for yourself?

This class will answer these questions and will help you re-design your goal-setting strategy to maximize your productivity and build the personal and professional life that you want.

About This Class

Step-By-Step Strategy to optimize your goal-setting process and boost productivity, with a twist. The method presented in this series of videos will help you not only check things off of your to-do list but will mostly assist you in making sure that all of your goals are connected to your bigger objectives and life purpose.

What You Will Learn:

  • A new way to approach goal-setting that goes beyond the classic S.M.A.R.T. approach and similar methods.
  • A 12-steps Strategy to set meaningful goals, boost productivity, and achieve your biggest objectives.
  • How to think about goal-setting to achieve optimal results.
  • How to formulate goals effectively.
  • How to optimize and monitor your goal-setting process.
  • How to be happier and feel long-term fulfillment through optimized goal-setting.

How To Set Boundaries: Step-By-Step Strategy

7-Step Strategy to help you set healthy boundaries in your personal and professional life and create a personal space in which you can grow and work toward achieving your most significant goals.

Boundary-setting is a skill that proves itself effective in all types of relationships. You can set boundaries in your personal life – family, parents, partner, and friends, and in your professional life – at work, with business partners, or with collaborators.

What You Will Learn

  • The main types of social boundaries and limits.
  • The benefits of setting healthy boundaries.
  • How to identify your boundaries.
  • How to communicate your limits and boundaries in a non-passive, non-aggressive way.
  • How to maintain and adapt your boundaries.

Learn this skill and optimize your psychological and physical wellbeing.

Enroll in this course and make boundary-setting and goal-setting powerful tools in your personal development journey.

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