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Email Deliverability Month: Best practices in 30 days , Improve your engagement, bounce rate and email placement with daily bite-sized lessons.

Course Description

If you’re consistently seeing low open rates and your objectively great offers go unnoticed, bad deliverability is to blame. Just think of it: every day, millions of emails crafted with effort and hope vanish into the digital void, never reaching their targets due to minor yet critical issues.

When revenue is at risk, it’s crucial to act. Let’s transform your email strategy from being a source of frustration into the most reliable tool for engaging your audience.

Presenting you Email Deliverability Month challenge.

This course is easy to follow. It includes 24 short videos, 3-5 minutes each. Watch one daily and complete quick tasks, or binge in 1.5 hours in one go. Learn to solve any issue preventing your emails from reaching the Inbox — from technical to creative ones. Plus, get a daily mini-challenge to enhance your skills.

By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped to:

  • Boost open rates by ensuring all your emails hit the Inbox
  • Enhance email security and trust with proper DNS and authentication setup
  • Increase engagement through effective email warm-ups and content personalization
  • Maintain a strong sender reputation by identifying and fixing issues like bounces, spam filters and blacklists
  • Optimize your campaign’s performance with personalized hints and insights

Who will be your guide?

Meet your tutor, Kseniia Skobelska, a Snovio brand ambassador and expert in cold email campaigns. She’ll guide you from the technical setup to creating emails that not only reach their recipients but also get responses.

Invest just 5 minutes a day into mastering deliverability, and watch your email performance soar. Ready to start?

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