10 popular coding interview problems


10 popular coding interview problems . Prepare for your coding interview with these 10 solved and explained popular coding problems.

Preparing for coding interviews? Competitive programming? Then this course will help you for sure: 10 well-chosen problems to increase your problem-solving skills!

Problems covered:

1- Valid anagram (Related topic(s): String, Sorting, Hash table)

2- First and last position in a sorted array (Related topic(s): Array, Searching, Binary search)

3- Symmetric tree (Related topic(s): Binary tree, Depth-first search)

4- Kth largest element in an array (Related topic(s): Array, Sorting, Priority queue, Heap)

5- Generate parentheses (Related topic(s): Backtracking, Stack)

6- Course schedule (Related topic(s): Graph, Depth-first search, Breadth-first search, Topological sort)

7- Kth permutation (Related topic(s): Combinatorics, Math)

8- Gas station (Related topic(s): Array, Greedy)

9- Minimum window substring (Related topic(s): String, Sliding window)

10- Largest rectangle in histogram (Related topic(s): Array, Stack, Divide-and-conquer)

This course tries to explain the solutions to these problems in a visual way, as visualizing the different steps of an algorithm is a method that is preferred by a lot of students

This course also explains and provides the code in Python programming language, you will also find it under each lecture to be able to copy it and run it on your machine with different inputs

Also, before moving to the solution, you will have the ability to try to solve the problem, a Python code editor will be available for you to write code and submit it to be tested on a bunch of testcases, I suggest you to do it before moving to the solution

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