10 Laws of Email Marketing


10 Laws of Email Marketing, Learn the Secrets of Getting Huge Results From Email Marketing By Avoiding Crucial Mistakes by Following These Laws.

Are you someone who is struggling with Email Marketing?

Maybe you are questioning yourself whether paying a monthly subscription fee to the Email Marketing software service is worth it?

Maybe you are not able to get enough returns for the efforts you are putting into your Email Marketing strategy?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

The laws that you will learn about in this course will help you correct the course and avoid some crucial Email Marketing mistakes that beginners marketers and entrepreneurs make.

It’s a guarantee that you will see at least 5X your current results after following the laws taught in this course.

This course will begin with a lecture where we will learn why Email Marketing is the most unique and sustainable marketing strategy.

Once that video is done, we’ll be heading straight into the Laws of Email marketing, which are:

  • Law 1 – The Law of Email Deliverability
  • Law 2 – The Law of Quality over Quantity of Email Subscribers
  • Law 3 – The Law of Turning Broadcast Emails Into Follow-up Emails
  • Law 4 – The Law of Sending the Broadcast Email Twice
  • Law 5 – The Law of Indirect Email Marketing
  • Law 6 – The Law of Optimizing the Email Copy
  • Law 7 – The Law of Email Marketing Automation
  • Law 8 – The Law of Sending Personal and Vulnerable Emails for Brand Remembrance
  • Law 9 – The Law of Verifying the Domain of the Email Address
  • Law 10 – The Law of Thinking Beyond the Email Marketing Software

This is not a boring theoretical course. There are no boring slides and presentations.

Not by any means!!

This course is Raw and Real!!

In fact in each lecture I will be showing you everything I do inside my email marketing software and will demonstrating how those things have helped me achieve massive results during my 10 years journey as an Entrepreneur.

Throughout this course you will also be getting recommendations about some some important resources which can directly or indirectly help you in your Email Marketing journey.

If you like the sounds of all this and want to learn from a person who walks the talk, then sign up right now and we’ll get started straight away!

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