Written Communication: Improve Your Business Writing Skills


Written Communication: Improve Your Business Writing Skills, Write Better for Professional and Personal Success. Eliminate Bad Habits and Gain Credibility.

In today’s fast-paced business world, you have precious little time to write communications. Readers have little time to read your communications.

This course provides you with strategies and resources to enhance your written communication skills, so you can quickly deliver effective messages to your readers.

Written Communications will teach you the basic rules of business writing, how to successfully edit and proofread communications, and how to write a professional email.

You will learn how to Analyze your Audience & Select the right Communication Medium.

Discover how to Organize your Key Points & Use Top-Down Writing.

You will learn how to Include Only Relevant Details & Structure your communication.

You will learn how to Write with Clarity and Conciseness, and how to Use the Right Tone.

Develop Strategies to Eliminate common Spelling and Grammar errors that cause readers to lose focus on a writer’s message.

Identify Appropriate Subject Lines to get your emails read.

You will learn How and When to use the Reply All button.

You will learn how to setup and use a Proper Signature Block.

And, you will learn how to Avoid Legal Pitfalls.

In today’s fast-paced professional world, you need to be able to communicate properly and with efficiency. This course will teach you just that.

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