Time management and dealing with procrastination


Time management and dealing with procrastination, once completed this course you will manage your time efficiently and achieve at least two goals that you want.

Do you feel that there are not enough hours in the day?

Are you one of those people who are constantly delaying everything or late everywhere?

Are you one of those people who put off their deadlines all the time?

Or those who work well only under pressure and reach the finish line in the last second?

Apparently not only are you not managing your time well, but you have a procrastination problem.

I have news for you.

Even those who arrive early to every meeting

Perform each task as soon as it lands on their desk

Complete each project a month in advance

And work with a long to-do list

Even they do not manage their time efficiently!

And time, is money.

But there is more to it.

Your time is also worth your leisure.

Your time is worth the satisfaction of completing tasks, in high quality.

Your time is worth your peace of mind.

And this is why we’re here, for you to make more money, experience much more satisfaction and live in peace of mind.

All of these will be the result of managing your time efficiently.

This course ‘effective time management and dealing with procrastination’ is a practical course, once completed you will know how to manage your time in four simple steps and also you will achieve at least two goals that you want in a short period of time.

I’m Odelia Alexandrovich

Business and personal coach and certified mediator,  an organizational consultant

Lecturer and author

On topics such as management, creativity, communication, success, sales and more.

I have written 3 books.

One of them was translated into foreign languages and was a bestseller on Amazon.

I work with individuals, business people and also with large organizations.

I train coaches to work with the method I developed – life architecture.

I try to do sports regularly.

My husband and I are raising our three amazing daughters.

I try to take at least one course a year.

Of the best

And devote time to my special hobby dirt bike riding.

You ask how I get all this done?

I manage my time consistently and carefully.

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