The Socratic Method


The Socratic Method, Train your Mind to Improve itself.

This course will teach you how to use The Socratic Method. Once you finish this course, you we be able to correct your own thinking; be able to make your thoughts clearer to yourself and ensure that they are consistent.

The Socratic Method itself is attributed to Socrates: The Grandfather of Western Philosophy. In this figure, we saw a man who humbly pursued truth for its own sake and who had the wisdom to know the limits of his own knowledge, recognising that he always had something to learn.

The Method is an approach to thinking and dialogue. It uses reason and proceeds using questions to challenge principles and beliefs. Unlike other methods of enquiry, one does not seek to lecture or impart their knowledge by using the method. Instead, it is use to invite true and understanding out of the person we are speaking to (even if that person is ourself).

The idea is to use questions to examine different parts of one’s beliefs, from the nature and principles of our beliefs to the evidence we have to support them to the ways in which they support one-another. Throughout all of these, errors and inconsistencies can be lurking and good use of The Socratic Method can iron-out these discrepancies, leading our mind to become harmonious with itself.

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