The Git MCQ practice test


The Git MCQ practice test, Improving your skills | Helpful for interviews and exam preparation | All topics of GIT are included + explanations.

GIT is the most widely used modern version control system in the world. Nowadays, every developer should know the basics and the usage of this version control system. It was originally developed in 2005 by Linus Torvalds.

But knowing the basics of Git is still not enough. There are several interesting tricks & features, that are useful when we would like to create applications. If you know WELL the Git basics, you would like to solve several issues, that you may not be able to. Some examples of the course coverage:

  • Git basics
  • Staging, committing
  • Pushing, pulling
  • Branching, merging
  • Git GUI
  • Practical exercises for daily development

This course is designed for everybody, who would like to learn about Git. The course uses a practice-orientated approach: we try to focus on these topics and elements, that are common in real situations. The course mainly uses a quiz-based approach, for testing yourself.

What does this course offer? 

  • questions with detailed explanations, in a well-organized manner
  • common situations, with simple solutions
  • for beginners and experienced web developers – for improving yourself
  • short explanations

Let’s enjoy the course! We offer you an high-quality MCQ practice test, that can be used for practicing yourself. We offer you something, that has high quality. Good luck! The WebTech team & Frahaan Hussain

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