The Essential Trading Startkit


The Essential Trading Startkit, Grab this Gift If You Want to Do Well In Trading!

How to Consistently Profit in Trading even if you are a beginner?

But… You don’t know which stocks to trade

But… You don’t have the time to stare at the screen for the whole day

But… You have lost money before and fear losing again

But… You don’t have huge capital to start trading

Hi, I am Iris and 2022 is my coming 7th year of trading. For the past 4 years, I have made up to 40% p.a. using Swing Trading and even up to 160% p.a. in Day Trading. And these returns are getting consistent for the last 24 months.

Using my system, I have 6 times my account in 4 years, and that’s a 600% return in total!

However, it wasn’t always like that. At the start of my journey, I was like a headless chicken and had tried various instruments such as stocks, forex, CFD, and options. I also played precious metals, gold, in particular, Crude oil, and Crypto. Ironically, the reason why I had tried so many things is never that I had mastered any of them. Sadly, it was because I had burned my hand in one, and the pain was too strong to look at it again; hence, I kept moving on from one thing to another, hoping that this time it would be different. But things don’t turn better in such a way and each time I moved on to something new, I ended up getting similar disastrous results. Consequently, I experienced losing money and burning my accounts a couple of times. I felt extremely emotional and didn’t want to even look at my accounts. There was a point when I almost considered giving up, but I know giving up is not me. I told myself I had to learn from my mistakes and figure out what actually went wrong. I started to review each of the trades that I took in the past as well as the new trades I had taken along the way. After close to 1200 hours of hard work, I eventually figured out the way to profit consistently.

Each trade had similar patterns and after pouring through all of them, I came up with my unique I.R.I.S system which allowed me to profit consistently.

The Essential Trading Startkit is derived from my paid course The Ultimate Pattern Trading, and I am giving it to you as a Gift because regardless of whether you’re taking my course, it’s crucial for you to learn what’s taught in The Essential Trading Startkit if you’re serious about being successful in trading.

If you are still assessing whether stock trading is for you, or you have already started the trading journey but have not yet achieved your desired result, take my gift and I’m sure you will benefit from it.

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