The Complete Guide to Understanding English Classics.


The Complete Guide to Understanding English Classics. Take a look at the lives of Yeats, Shakespeare, Poe & Defoe.

Part 1 of the English Classics Series.

1. You’re at – Beginner’s – Yeats, Shakespeare, Poe & Defoe.

2. Intermediate – Yeats, Shakespeare, Poe & Defoe.

3. Advanced – Yeats, Shakespeare, Poe & Defoe.

So, what is this course all about?

This course takes a look at the lives and the works of Yeats, Shakespeare, Poe & Defoe. We talk about their writing styles, your opinions, and the general poem/plot structures. I introduce you to some new terms, a little bit of history, and finally, we take a look at their works. We’re not going to dive deep in the beginner’s lesson but we’re going to take a look at the overall crux of the story. Once you finish the beginner’s lesson, move onto the intermediate lesson where you’ll learn more about their works.

Ok, but what will I get out of it?

Maybe a newfound interest in poetry & prose? Maybe a desire to write or maybe, a desire to learn?

I want to learn all about the English Classics but before that, I wanna prep myself a little. What do I do?

Read a little bit of Hansel & Gretel. The best prep is often the easiest one. Start with children’s stories. Heck, you can even try a little bit of Oscar Wilde. If you’ve ever read books such as Pride & Prejudice or The Adventures of Tom Sawyer then you were born ready for my class. Even if you didn’t, you can always pick up Jane Eyre and you’d still be good to go.


Alright then, see you in class!

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