Survival English – Elementary level


Survival English – Elementary level, Learn English vocabulary and phrases for everyday situations so that you can communicate with confidence!

Learn 200+ English phrases that you can use in real life conversations! With me as your guide, you’ll get a chance to practise listening to British accents and expand your vocabulary. Plus I’ll give you practical tasks to help you become a more confident speaker.

We’ll cover useful topics, such as jobs, eating out, shopping, family, using public transport, money and making plans for your weekend. If you are planning to live in or visit an English speaking country, you’ll have all the vocabulary and phrases you’ll need. My aim is to help you stop translating from your own language and instead communicate in a natural way, with confidence.

Each video lesson comes with audio recordings, transcripts for the recordings and a useful language document so you’ll feel fully supported. Everything is in a simple step-by-step format meaning it’s easy to make progress!

This course is aimed at elementary level English learners and, by the end of the course, you can expect to be around intermediate level, as each lesson increases in challenge.

My previous students have said that this course helped them to upgrade their language skills and speak with confidence so I can’t wait to help you do the same!

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