Sports Coaching Certificate Course (ALL SPORTS) – Foundation


Sports Coaching Certificate Course (ALL SPORTS) – Foundation, Master foundational principles to be an EXCEPTIONAL sports coach, health practitioner or athlete. Transform your career!

In this course you will learn EXPERT, practical information that will CHANGE YOUR CAREER as a sports coach, healthcare provider or athlete.

Ever feel like you’re just a bit out of your depth?

You have a good understanding of your sport but don’t quite know how to get the most out of your athletes?

Have you tried other courses and the information just doesn’t quite apply?

Well… I made this course for YOU

You will come out of this course with a comprehensive understanding of training, performance and injury prevention. This course is going to teach you the fundamentals of how to become an exceptional coach. Whether you’re training amateur soccer players, or high performance gymnasts, this course has valuable, immediately practicable information that will greatly improve your coaching skills and, by extension, your athletes.

We are going to cover principles, specific exercises and circuits for strength, power, speed, flexibility and cardio. We will go over how to create a year plan a touch on concepts of workload and periodization. We will also cover some principles of injury prevention and how to maintain performance for longer during your competition season.

So many coaches fail at this most basic level: they don’t properly understand what they’re trying to achieve!

If you don’t understand exactly what you’re trying to attain, well… how do you know the steps to get there?

Do you want your athletes to win?

Do you want them to perform better for longer?

Do you want minimal injuries and maximum results?

Then you NEED to understand what you’re trying to do and how to get there.

So who is this course for?

  • Sports coaches
  • Athletes
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Fitness enthusiasts

If you want to be more than average, if you want to be exceptional… enrol now!


This course does NOT give you any specific qualification, rather it is intended to be used to improve yourself professionally. If your association allows, you may be able to use it as professional development.

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