SAP EDI IDOC Beginner to Advance Course


SAP EDI IDOC Beginner to Advance Course, All about implementing EDI in SAP.

Almost every SAP implementation implements EDI. Yet, most consultants are blissfully unaware of how EDI works. Needless to say, there is always a good demand for consultants with good knowledge of EDI implementation. This is exactly the gap this course will fill.

Course Overview

This course teaches you the basics of how to implement EDI ( Electronic Data Interchange ) in SAP. It will help you understand the fundamental concepts at a much deeper level by relating them to simple business scenarios. At the same time, it will not skimp on the configuration details like Partner Profiles, Ports, Segments etc. After you finish this course you will be able to create an IDOC and process it successfully from scratch in any SAP IDES system.

Why take this course ?

Ever had a situation where you could not apply for a job because the requirements asked for EDI ? Ever heard words like IDocs, segments, port, partner profile tossed around in a meeting and did not know how to react ? It’s all going to change with this course. Take this course and I promise you will understand everything you need to know about EDI – at least to a point where you will not feel alien to the most commonly used scenarios.

What are the Requirements ?

Experience at least in a technical or functional module is preferred. But at least familiarity with SAP is OK. You don’t need access to an IDES system, but if you have one, it is going to help you tremendously in the hands-on. We do NOT provide access to SAP as part of this course.

Target Audience

This course assumes that you have some level of exposure to SAP. You could be a

  • ABAP Consultant
  • Functional Consultant
  • Basis Consultant
  • EDI Sub-system consultant
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