Project Manager For Beginners


Project Manager For Beginners, Scope of a project, life cycles, phases, project monitoring, communications management and much more.

Hello, welcome to my new course about Project Management.

Would you like to develop a software? An business plan to your start up? Or a simple trip to Europe?

If you can master Project Management you can lead any project of any size with the same simple process. However, amazingly, most people are never taught it, and those who are will often be shown an overcomplicated and overwhelming version with confusing software and detailed maths. Instead, in this course, you’ll be walked through step by step on how to simply and effectively manage any project, in any industry, with any budget.

You will find lessons about:

  • What does a project manager do.
  • How to prepare the scope of a project.
  • Life cycles of a project.
  • The initial phase of a project.
  • Closing a project.
  • Organization and preparation of a project.
  • Project monitoring.
  • Project communications management.
  • How to know the tools and techniques of a project.
  • Theoretical and practical requirements of a project.

    and much more…

Remember that you can attend classes whenever, wherever, and as often as you like. In addition, don’t hesitate to ask some questions in the discussion section throughout this course. I will answer each one of your questions as fast as possible.

Great studies, see you in class 1.

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