Origami Training


Origami Training, Figures with Folding.

   The word origami, which is a combination of the Japanese words ori (folding) and gami (paper), is the traditional art of paper folding, which means folded paper. Origami is the art of creating various shapes by simply folding paper without using scissors and glue.

There is no definite information about the beginning of origami, which is said to have been performed by the Chinese who first invented paper. It is thought that origami, which started in China and completed its development in Japan, and took its name from the Japanese, was brought to Japan by Buddhist monks.

The art of origami, which was used as an indicator of wealth in religious ceremonies and wrapping gifts in the period when it started to develop, reached more people with the spread of paper and the affordable prices. It has been taught in schools since the early 1900s and has contributed greatly to the development of children’s mathematical intelligence.

In this origami training prepared by KOMEK, you will improve your hand skills and learn paper folding techniques and the tools to be used in making origami art.

In this training, where there are many beautiful applications, we will practice the art of origami with rabbits, butterflies, finger puppets, jumping frogs and pencil holders.

KOMEK was established in 2004 and provided vocational training to 1500 people per year with courses opened in 3 different centres.

Our KOMEK courses, which have become a brand in vocational education in Turkey, improve their professional and artistic knowledge while responding to the general education needs of the people of our city.

As a public university, our courses, which contribute to employment, train artisans, ensure the personal development of the trainees, and contribute to the social life of the city while doing these, have provided training in 474 branches since its establishment.


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