Novell : SUSE Linux Administrator 12 Certification 2021


Novell : SUSE Linux Administrator 12 Certification 2021, best practice Tests for SUSE Linux Administrator 12 Certification 2021.

The course on SUSE Certified Linux Administrator 12 will be help you to get official certification   on delivering cost-effective and secured mission critical services to firms. This course includes basics of Linux that will help in gaining an understanding of the key features of the SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 operating system. Module 3124 is the first course developed for SUSE Linux Enterprise 12.

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following

you will be able to get SUSE Linux Administrator 12 Certification

and also

Understanding the different Flavors of SUSE Linux.

Understanding the SLE Maintenance Model.

Installing SLES12. Understanding the GNOME Desktop.

Understanding the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard.

Understanding the Shell Environment.

Using the Most Important Commands.

Getting Help at the Command Line.

Understanding the SLE12 Boot Process.

Understanding UEFI, Secure Boot, and Trusted Execution.

Configuring the GRUB2 Bootloader.

Working with Background Processes.

Managing Users and Groups.

Changing File Permissions.

Using Access Control Lists (ACLs).

Managing RPM Packages.

Using Dependency Managers.

Using Software Repositories.

This SUSE Linux System Administration course assumes good knowledge of the Linux operating system in an Enterprise environment to the level covered in the Linux Introduction course. Alternatively,relevant experience of UNIX or Linux servers is required,preferably within an enterprise environment.

Knowledge of Linux Shell Programming to the level covered on the Linux Shell Programming course would also be beneficial.

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