Non-verbal communication and body language for business


Non-verbal communication and body language for business, Influence every interaction you have in the future by giving out and reading non-verbal communication cues.

Influence and gain control of every moment in every interaction you have in your professional career from now on.

Once you begin being attuned to the signals you are sending out and the signals you are getting from others, you’ll be more aware of the real dynamic of every interaction, and influence it in the moment instead of regretting not being able to control it.


Non-verbal communication isn’t just about how you communicate, but reading what others are communicating to you. In this course, you’ll learn how to watch for subtle changes on body language, facial expressions, engagement levels, and eye contact to quickly catch any changes in your conversation partners, and make adjustments early.


Non-verbal communication is not the same as reading body language. It’s much more. Non-verbal communication includes the physical environment you choose, the time of the interaction, and many other details that communicate by implying.


Sometimes you want to send out a certain message, but because body language cues are so subtle, other people might interpret them differently than you had intended. In this course, you’ll lean to be more precise and clear with your intentions.

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