Microsoft Excel Conditional Formatting Essentials


Microsoft Excel Conditional Formatting Essentials, Learn the essentials required to become a master in using Conditional Formatting in Microsoft Excel.

In Microsoft Excel, Conditional Formatting makes it easy to highlight certain values or make specific cells easier to identify. It dynamically changes the appearance of cells or cell ranges based on conditions.

To put it in simple terms, you give Excel rules on when and how to format specific cells, and Excel will apply that formatting to these cells based on the conditions created in your rules.

It is one of the most simple, yet powerful tools in Excel spreadsheets.

This course will teach you the essentials required to use Conditional Formatting successfully. Become a master in Conditional Formatting quickly!

The course is laid out in 2 Sections and 17 Lectures as follows:

Section 1:

  • Welcome
  • Conditional Formatting and Course Layout

Section 2:

  • Format Cells: Based on Set Criteria
  • Format Cells: Dynamically based on changing criteria
  • Format Cells: Based on Rank Part 1
  • Format Cells: Based on Rank Part 2
  • Format Cells: Format Duplicate Cells
  • Format Cells: Format with Icon sets Part 1
  • Format Cells: Format with Icon sets Part 2
  • Format Cells: Format with Icon sets Part 3
  • Format Cells: Format with Icon sets Part 4
  • Format Cells: Format using Data Bars
  • Format Cells: Format with Colour Scales
  • Format Cells: Format Alternate Rows with formulas
  • Format Cells: Based on values from other cells using formula
  • Format cells: Based criteria using formulas
  • Format Cells: Format entire Rows using formulas

I attached the Excel Workbook used in my lectures as a resource for you to download and practice what was taught.

When finishing this course, you should be able to clearly understand Conditional Formatting in Excel and how to use it to make your spreadsheets so much more powerful.

You will receive a certificate of completion when you finish this course.

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