LLQP Life Insurance – Segregated Funds & Annuity (Canada)


LLQP Life Insurance – Segregated Funds & Annuity (Canada), Insurance investments and personal financial planning.

The first chapter describes basic principles of investment, savings principles, and investment objectives. Chapter 2 talks about segregated funds, which is a type of insurance that is offered by life insurance companies. Chapter 3 describes annuities, which s a product where a client can deposit some money to an insurance company and get an income from the deposit. Chapter 4 talks about the investor profile. We review the Government pensions such as OAS, and CPP. We understand registered pension plans. Personal savings plans such as RRSP, RESP, TFSA and RDSP are also understood. Chapter 5 describes segregated funds and annuity recommendations steps. Chapter 6 reviews the segregated fund contract. Chapter 7 is about annuity contracts. Chapter 8 is is group retirement and investment plans.


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