Lie Detection: FBI’s “Detective House” Interrogation


Lie Detection: FBI’s “Detective House” Interrogation, Detect lies like a true FBI detective – catch the liar, catch the cheater & never be fooled again.

How many times have you been lied to in your life?

I do not think we can’t imagine how many times it has happened but it’s time to realize who is lying to our face without us realizing it.

Today, you have been lied to about ten times already – that is what statistics show. Unbelievable? Statistics also show that over 95% of all lies remain undiscovered.

To be able to spot when someone is telling the truth is an important life skill especially when you find out that there are so many techniques used and you didn’t even know they existed.

In this course you will realise that you don’t need to be a detective or an FBI agent to be able to catch a liar.

Are you ready to stop being lied to again?

Being able to know when you are being lied to can save you from having a very bad time in your professional and personal life, especially when the person lying to you occupies a special part of your life.

In this course you are going to learn

  • How to catch any liar
  • How to detect lies by looking them in the face and eyes.
  • General body language
  • Discomfort indicating body postures
  • Fillers and other ways to say a whole lot of nothing
  • Make a liar retell a story

-The eyes of a person are the window to one’s soul – they say; and rightfully. A person’s eyes can often give away the complete picture of what a person is thinking.

-The face, Paul Ekman’s research has isolated nine facial indicators as reliable clues to deception —which anyone can spot if they know how to look for them.

-Body Postures That Give Away a Person’s Discomfort (Fear, Nervousness, etc.) We like to do business, or simply hang out, with people who come across as confident and comfortable around us.

-A person’s statement structure—his choice of words and phrases—is a rich source for any lie spotter to mine for possible deception indicators. As always, it’s important to remember that any number of physiological and psychological factors—fatigue, stress, hunger, concern about getting home on time—can affect how someone expresses himself.

-Verbal leaks are the mistakes people make when they expend so much cognitive energy on maintaining their lies that their brains have trouble keeping track of what they’re saying. “Ums” and “ahs,” inconsistent grammatical choices, and many other errors fall into this category.

Embark on this second adventure on how to discover when you are being lied to personally or professionally. I am very proud to be able to teach you step by step this new course full of information that you will be able to learn and practice, it can change your whole life!

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