Learn Linux Daily!


Learn Linux Daily! Learn everyday Linux with just one bite at a time!

Learn the Linux command line from scratch. The course starts with a deep dive into technical terms like ls (list), cd (change directory), paths (directory structure), symbolic links (ln). It’s important to understand the context and the why’s around the command line – which is covered in detail.

This awesome daily Linux course will help you advance your skills regardless of whether you are a total beginner or have some expertise with fundamental instructions. One of the few abilities that cuts beyond the traditional boundaries between web development, data science, machine learning, or any other digital subject is command-line proficiency. Knowing how to use the command-line will be useful if you use a computer on a regular basis. The commands you learn will alter how you interact with your machine and provide you with entirely new workflows and approaches.

Speciallity: Linux basic commands (July 2022). This course focus on the basic Linux commands with detailed explanation videos. Each Linux command is explained with various parameters so that learners can use the command in many practical scenarios.

Some images/ contents used in this course are under license: Creative Commons Attribution licence (reuse allowed), presented by Lane Schwartz at the Illinois University. We adapted the material, added more supporting files, and quizzes.

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