Learn Hindi Language Phrases & Travel in India Easily


Learn Hindi Language Phrases & Travel in India Easily, Complete Hindi phrases related to travel in India by a Native Hindi speaker.

Have you ever thought about travelling to India?

“Learn Hindi Language Phrases & Travel in India Easily” will cover everything you need to know in Hindi to travel to India and communicate with locals without worrying and mastering the language.

About the Instructor

Hi, I am Nizamuddin Siddiqui, an Indian and a Native Hindi speaker. Professionally, I am an online instructor with thousands of students enrolled in my courses.

Why you should take this class?

I created this course by keeping in mind the problems I faced due to my lack of knowledge of the Russian language when I went to Russia.

I am supremely confident that after taking this course, you will never need to worry about travelling in India.

There are a lot of phrases that we use while travelling and I covered almost all of them.

If you think I forgot any just mention it in the Discussion section and I will try to provide it as soon as possible.

Broadly, the course is divided into 11 lectures and the phrases in each lecture have a lot to learn.

The 11 lectures in this course:

1. Essential Numbers, Money & Colors

2. Essential Words

3. Daily Use Short Phrases

4. Transportation

5. Shopping

6. Talking to a Stranger

7. Going Out & Needs

8. Hotel

9. Restaurant

10. Time & Days

11. Weather

Some phrases that you will find in the course:

1. You’re overcharging

2. Do you understand?

3. Thank you very much

4. How long is the ride to the hotel?

5. How much is the ticket?

6. Where does this bus go?

7. Where is the ticket counter?

8. I didn’t get you.

9. Be sure to pack it well.

10. I’ll buy three if you can give me a lower price.

11. Is there a pharmacy nearby?

12. Please give me the keys to my room.

13. What did you put in it?

14. We have to visit the embassy at 10:45.

15. Don’t go outside, it’s very hot there

What you will get?

1. Easy English to Hindi Translation for phrases and vocabulary related to Travel

2. Phrases and Vocabulary in Native Speaking style

3. PDF files of all lectures in resources.

4. You can always ask questions in the Discussion section

Who should take this class?

This course is perfect for anyone who is a beginner and knows nothing about the Hindi language or someone who knows a little bit of Hindi and would love to master some Hindi phrases and vocabulary.

Join me in this class

So, if it sounds interesting to you, then come and join me in this class.

I’m so excited you’re here!

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