Introduction into Software Asset Management (SAM)


Introduction into Software Asset Management (SAM), What is SAM?

Learn the basics of comprehensive and effective software asset management (SAM) – from gathering of the requirements to creation of the software license balance sheet.

Proof of software license compliance commonly presents organizations with challenges. Software asset management supports you in obtaining a comprehensive overview of the current license position and in making both the commercial license inventory and the actual use transparent. However, this requires specific specialist knowledge, for example on publisher-specific licensing terms, performing inventory of the technical software inventory or efficient processes to create license balance sheets.

The contents of this training are based on Deloitte’s best practices from numerous SAM projects with organizations of varying sizes and industries.

In this course you will learn how to differentiate between license management and software asset management and what software asset management consists of. Building on this foundation, we will examine the commercial and technical data as the basis for a license balance sheet, review the basic data sources and demonstrate the procedure for creating a software license balance sheet. Finally, we’ll use Microsoft products as an example on how to optimize a license position by applying downgrade rights.

We’ll take a look at SAM tools: what can they do and how can these tools be integrated into existing IT landscapes. We’ll focus on understanding of the specific data types.

With the Deloitte SAM Basic training, you will fulfil the prerequisites for better understanding of software asset management and applying it within your organization.

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