Healing Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: The O.C.D. Framework


Healing Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: The O.C.D. Framework, Ease OCD Symptoms and Recondition Your Brain for Calm and Relaxation.

This course provides a step-by-step guide and meditation clips to rewire the brain for greater control over debilitating OCD. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a brain-driven condition characterised by distressing, intrusive, obsessive thoughts and repetitive, compulsive physical or mental acts.

For Professionals, as Well as Sufferers…

This online course attracts both professionals and sufferers who are interested in the in-depth understanding of how the brain reacts to OCD, the regions of the brain involved and effective recovery framework.

Your learning outcomes for this online course are:

  • An in-depth understanding on how OCD affects emotions, cognition and behaviours
  • The regions of the brain involved in OCD and how to calm them down
  • The key neurotransmitters involved in obsessions and compulsions and how to rebalance them for recovery
  • The links between OCD and trauma, and ways to achieve recovery
  • Steps and meditation exercise to shrink the inner critics that often fuel obsessive and compulsive symptoms
  • The links between OCD and PTSD
  • Meditation exercises for easing obsession and compulsion
  • The O.C.D. framework for recovery (step-by-step guide for taking control of your obsessive and compulsive symptoms)

Other focuses on this online course:

  • How to avoid the typical mistakes made in treating OCD.
  • Demonstration: Using electro-encaphalogram (EEG) to view brain activity and stimulate neuroplasticity

TESTIMONIALS: What Previous Attendees Are Saying:

“Wale is an excellent course leader and structure and information on and off the course is hugely helpful and insightful for my professional practice. There are addition helpful recourses that come with the course including full meditation recording for easing OCD symptoms for sufferers and reducing trauma-related toxic shame that drives OCD symtoms. They also come with individual scripts for therapists to use to help their clients” Rebecca, F., Psychotherapist

“I would like to say this is my 3rd session with Wale; the amount of information in the time allocated with plenty of breaks, and without overwhelming reflects great skill at time and information management for such in-depth and complex subjects. He makes enormous subjects captivating and manageable.” Nia G.

“It was a very informative, well presented and entertaining course and a great format to get good information quickly.” Tony C., Counsellor and Psychotherapist

“I would like to say how impressed I was with the webinar. It was very well organised with good slides. Wale has a great delivery of the topic and you can clearly see how knowledgeable he is. I would definitely recommend it and will be looking at others to book on to. The information was really good and delivered in a way which was understandable. Very enjoyable webinar.” Thank you. Paula B., Therapist

“Thank you so much for an excellent course! Once again, a clear, concise and comprehensive presentation of OCD.” Julie W.

“The webinar for OCD today was fantastic. Very informative.” Monika S.

“The content and delivery of the course exceeded my expectations. I will definitely recommend this course to everyone interested in mental health.” Lisa, T., Sufferer

“This course is very informative and useful. I enjoyed learning about OCD recovery information to try and help my partner with this condition. This info needs to be taught everywhere so that people can understand OCD and how to help people with the condition.” Sam, R., Registered Nurse/Partner of Someone Who Has OCD

“A very interesting course giving both an overview of OCD and more detailed information on treatment protocols.”Elizabeth, E., hypnotherapist and Counsellor

“I learnt a good amount of information on the brain and how OCD is present in the way the brain functions” Karen, O., Coach/Therapist

“Great insight into OCD. highly recommended for people with OCD situation and those who help others with OCD. Nesheta P., Sufferer

“Excellent course, excellent tutor. Very informative and Knowledgeable. Refreshing, informative, fun and professional.” Lorraine R., Clinical Hypnotherapist

“I have had personal traumatic experiences in my life and OCD. The course was very informative. It has helped me a lot. Thank you..” —R. Silver, Sufferer

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