Habits and how to build or eliminate them


Habits and how to build or eliminate them, Change your habits, change your life.

The – Habits and how to build or eliminate them – course is a course designed to help people understand habits, how they are formed and how they can build good habits and change bad habits.

The course will equip students with tools they can use to change bad habits, build good habits, and change their lives in the process. The course will also provide people with an actionable framework that can be used to change habits- a process that is easy to implement. The tools and techniques taught in the course can be used to change a wide range of bad habits including smoking and excess drinking, and will help the students build empowering habits.

The following things will be taught in the course:

1.What is a Habit?

2.Breakdown of Habits

3.Goals and Habits.

4.Techniques for changing bad habits.

•What habits to change?


•Pros and Con

•Thought, Emotion and Behaviour

•Awareness and Habit Diary

•Identifying triggers.

•Pattern interrupt.

•Pause and think.

•Positive Visualization

•Negative Visualization

5. Habit Changing Process


•Be realistic


•Set a date Date

•Write down your goals

•Identifying danger times

•Reward yourself

•Support System

•Replace bad habits with new responses

6. Final Words

At the end of the course students will be equipped with tools that they can use to build lifelong good habits and change debilitating bad habits that impede people.

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