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Good Dog In A Box | Welcome Home! | Beginner Dog Training, What to do in the first 14 days with a new dog.

Welcome Home was designed especially for pet parents of a new dog. Our program covers what you need to know to make your dog’s transition into its new home an easier one. The lessons focus on what to do in the first fourteen days you have your dog, to get everyone in the household off to a good start. There are videos with basic dog training exercises to help you teach your dog how to be a good member of the family, plus there are videos for the humans in the house, to help them set up routines and management to minimize accidents and stress. Includes 30 online training videos. Watch at home or train on the go.

This online course includes preparing your house for a new dog, housetraining, how to socialize your dog, how to develop routines, crate training, stress reduction exercises to help your dog acclimate to their new home, and basic training commands, such as attention and name games, sit, stay, and down.

This program was developed to build a successful and safe relationship between your dog and family. We want to give all members of your family the tools they need to stay safe, to learn about dogs, and to respect all dogs. Plus, we want to give your dog skills that will help them be a good member of your family and community.

Many of the dog training exercises in the Good Dog program are kid friendly, meaning that children can participate with adult supervision. Children under the age of twelve should always be supervised around a dog, even a family dog that you’ve known for years.

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