Getting Started with SolidWorks


Getting Started with SolidWorks, A compact yet elaborative Course designed for you to explore SolidWorks.

This course is for everyone who wants to learn more about Computer Aided Designing through SolidWorks without spending thousands of dollars and committing 100s of hours of their time at a skill they don’t have an insight of. Thus with it’s concise lectures, it’s the best course you can buy !


Requirements –

  • Basic Knowledge of Operating a Computer
  • Any version of SolidWorks Installed in your Computer (Preferably later than 2016 version)


Features of this course are –

  • Minimum Time, Maximum Content – This course is designed to enable the learner to explore the world of SolidWorks without having to invest 20+ hours of video streaming like other courses available in the market.
  • No Quiz – There is no fooling the user when we see the quiz that are there in a course. Either the quiz has questions that are just useless i.e. redundant or has questions that are copied from the internet, both of which DOESN’T HELP the learner, thus this course is designed to eliminate anything that wastes the time of the learner.
  • On Point Lectures – The best part is that the lectures don’t contain any redundant information and are to the point so that the concepts are easy to learn and easy to remember.


Sections in the Course –

  • Getting Started
  • Basics of 2D Sketching
  • Basics of Editing Tools
  • Basics of 3D Modelling
  • What’s Ahead
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