Fundamentals of Operational Excellence


Fundamentals of Operational Excellence, Learn The Key Principles of Operational Excellence.

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of Operational Excellence where you’ll learn the key principles of operational excellence.

In this course, we will look more closely at what operational excellence is, its core principles, as well as the different methodologies you can use to implement it.

Operational excellence is a framework for businesses to focus on growth and execute their strategy better than their competitors.

Operational excellence is a mindset that embraces certain principles and tools to create a culture of excellence within an organization. Operational excellence means every employee can see, deliver, and improve the flow of value to a customer.

This approach employs the tools of earlier continuous improvement methodologies, such as Lean Thinking, Six Sigma, OKAPI and Scientific Management

In this course you will learn lean principles and how to eliminate variation, operationalize the voice of the customer (VOC), error proof, and build in quality at the source.

We’ll cover methods such as Lean Six Sigma (DMAIC), Kaizen, Design for Six Sigma (DMADV), and value stream management (VSM), and shows how to choose the right one for your application.

We’ll conclude by sharing implementation best practices to drive the right mindset, behaviors, and results for sustaining operational excellence.

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