Free Course: Worship Chords / Techniques For Gospel Piano


Free Course: Worship Chords / Techniques For Gospel Piano, Learn how to create atmospheric and intense worship flow experience on the Keyboard.

You are welcome to this free course. This course has been put together for gospel musicians who would like to take their worship flow to the next level.

Are you a gospel musician?

Do you feel like your worship chords sound boring or repetitive?

This course will show you how to take your worship chords and chord progression game to the next level.

Worship chords

Worship chords are chords more suited to the worship flow. These are chords with unique voicings that add a feeling of emotion to your playing.

Dissonant Chord Voicings

These are chord voicings with extra notes added to add dissonance to worship chords. This can give your chords a unique sound and enhance the sound of your playing.

Worship Flow

This is a term used to define the manner in which you play your chords and chord progressions during worship. It is very important to develop a mastery of worship flow which can really enhance how you sound during worship

This course will show you chords and chord progressions that can enhance your playing.

  • You will learn how to create a soothing worship flow experience.
  • Learn how to add subtle dissonance to your chords to make them sound much better


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