Fast Track Your Project Management Skills in 2021


Fast Track Your Project Management Skills in 2021, Understand Project Management basics, project’s components, project cycles, stakeholders/ organizations incl. examples.

Introduction to Project Management & Planning: From Plan to Action

Introduction to Project Management – Start Projects in 2021

Welcome to the course on Introduction to Project Management!

Projects are all around us. Essentially each organization runs projects, either formally or casually. We are locked in in projects at home and at work. Over settings, arranging principles and execution strategies can offer ways in which projects can be run more successfully and productively. Project management gives organizations (and people) the language and the systems for scoping projects, sequencing exercises, utilizing resources, and minimizing risks.

This course on ‘Introduction to Project Management ‘ aims to introduce you to the basic concepts of project and project management and serve you as a good springboard for digging further into this exciting topic.

In this short introductory course, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of what a project is, what it isn’t, and why that is important
  • Learn how projects are defined and a project’s three objectives
  • Become aware of a model for examining a project’s organization and its stakeholders
  • Analyze project’s stakeholders  for better project management
  • Have a look at the main reasons why many projects fail and then learn how to measure success
  • Learn the key stages in the project life cycle and highlight the important features of each stage

This course also includes many project’s examples from real-world, practical assignment and quizzes to make your learning in the topic of project management more productive.

NOTE: This course aims at Beginner Level and does NOT include any certification information or neither it teaches specific project management tools.

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