Exports Risks Management: Exports From Any Country


Exports Risks Management: Exports From Any Country, Manage all International trade, export, import, commercial, financial, transit, ocean, currency, legal, economic risks.

Had you been looking for a step by step exports risk management course which makes it easy to learn the tips and techniques of managing all perils related to exports/international trade? The courses you found till now, were difficult to understand due to heavy international business related technical words and complicated exports & imports concepts. Right? You have now found the correct exports risk management course here. Because, by using foreign trade related real case studies, this international trade risks management course is the simplest way to learn management of entire kinds of risks associated with international business management.

So why this Exports Risks Management course?

The instructor of this exports related risks management course, is having 30 years of practical experience in

  • International trade,
  • Global operations,
  • Exports and imports business,
  • International supply chain & logistics,
  • Foreign trade training and
  • Global business research.
  • Exports related risks management

So, he is now ready with this revolutionary exports risks management course to teach you how to save million of $. And, it is achieved by avoiding risks associated with international deals and exports contacts with goods originating from anywhere in the world, India, Europe, Kenya, Nigeria, US, China or any country of origin.

So what skills you learn in this course

1. Identifying adverse and difficult situations in international trading, exports.

2. Identify wrong exports payment terms.

3. Avoid wrong international business delivery terms.

4. Ensure letter of credit is durable and secure.

5. Avoid faulty exports contracts

6. Real life practical situations explained through popular global trade case studies.

7. Manage foreign exchange fluctuations / currency risks, US $, Euro, Yen, GBP, INR etc.

8. Manage financial Risks in exports operations.

9. Manage international commercial risks/buyer’s insolvency / Border control and Customs related problems.

10. Role of Blockchain in exports risks management using smart contracts – Special session.

11. Smart international supply chain and international logistics management.

12. Guiding document (free template attached) for smooth international exports transaction.

13. Several other types of exports related risks and perils including Ocean / air shipment perils

By enrolling this course on UDEMY you get

1. Lifetime access to this exports risks management course.

2. Lifetime new updates on the international business excellence course

3. Verified eCertificate with web link

4. 30 days money back guarantee

5. Completely free Q & A section to post your questions and suggestion on the exports risk management topics.

6. Direct communication with the instructor. Anytime , anywhere.

About the instructor

Instructor Dr. Vijesh Jain, is an IIFT, New Delhi and BITS, Pilani, India alumnus with a PhD from BIMTECH- UOM, India. Also, he is an award winning industry practitioner cum trainer. In addition, he is a Global Business Practices artist. By having trained thousands of working professionals and B School students, along with running his own international ventures. Therefore, with his 30 years of long experience in international trade and global business management, exports , imports, exports risk management, he is able to share most practical experiences and international trading skills. Which concepts, you can never find in text books.

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