Exploring self : Science, Spirituality, Psychology


Exploring self : Science, Spirituality, Psychology, Exploring MBTI, Enneagram, Human Design, Astrology & more.

In this course I’ll share the things that got me curious and got me to Discover More about self.

Most things are attributed to science and psychology.

It’s not just “What’s Your big 3?” in your chart, but what else is hidden in it.

What Is Chiron for example? Aspects of planets, conjunctions, alignments – there’s a lot to learn in general, but with Astrology – best bet is to get in contact with a specialist that understands it all really well and request a reading.
That’s like, an expensive way of investment that really gives a lot of information on you, life, where it goes, what aids you, what breaks you, and so much more.

When it comes to traits : MBTI, Enneagram, Big Five tests, as well as Chronotype, Work Style and others make it easier to understand how you work, what makes you tick and basic level of “over all traits”.

Also helps you sort of see the traits of others in comparison to own and figure out how to deal with things in life.

Human Design explores heck of a lot more in detail – showing how you can “attract” things, manifest, how you utilize your way of life and other nitty bitty details.

There’s also the idea of Vibrations and how they affect things, the ideas of how society changes and we change with it, how it all makes all the sense and no sense at all.

This course is to share the things that helped me discover more about self, and share some cool bits for you to discover you.

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