Executing Effectively your Highest Priorities


Executing Effectively your Highest Priorities, Learn how to prioritise your most important tasks daily.

WITHOUT learning and applying the principles in this course, you will:

Tend to allow your day to get on top of you find

Find yourself filling your day with URGENT priorities

Find yourself escape into low priority distractions

Feel out of control

Consistently feel behind deadlines

Feeling like you are rushing important work

Miss out of big opportunities

Experience excessive mental clarity

Constantly live in fight/flight mode

Feel overwhelmed by the enormity or complexity of the task

WITH learning and applying the principles in this course, you will:

Experience feeling ‘on top’ of your day

Experience calling more of the ‘shots’ in your day

Start the day with clarity of what you want to achieve

Become more efficient

To experience tasks as challenges that bring out your ‘best’

Enjoy the feeling of competency in managing your tasks and schedule

Experience increase peace and an increased self-esteem

If you do not create a weekly plan, you will not have an overall realistic expectation for what you can achieve in the week.

You may end up not doing justice to your priorities or even get out of balance which could be harmful in the long run.If you create a weekly blueprint, you will have realistic expectations, create balance and peace of mind.

You give yourself more opportunity to be productive and enter into the ‘sweet spot’ with regularity.

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