Email Marketing Mastery 2021 in HINDI !! Go Viral Part2


Email Marketing Mastery 2021 in HINDI !! Go Viral Part2, Part 2 of Practical ways to Learn Email Marketing & run successful email marketing campaigns , it can help you go viral.

Part 2 of Email Marketing course

The course was getting long and Udemy provides only 2 hours of FREE course so i created this course in 2 parts just to share these things for all the students..

This course can help you learn email marketing from beginning as a beginner to advanced levels, You will learn

1. Email Marketing tools

2. Email Automation

3. Email Campaign Creation

4. Workflow Automation and lots more…

I show EVERYTHING that I do, with PDF content for you to refer and detailed video tutorials.

3 Email marketing tools explained. There are 2 parts of this course as I realized few videos can also be made which I have added in another part.

Email marketing is essential for any form of online marketing may it be Blogging, Affiliate marketing , Promoting business online etc… so its essential to learn email marketing and you are getting a privilege with this FREE course to master email marketing.

Some people consider email marketing as just sending emails from their free gmail account or any other email account but its not true and email marketing is altogether different …

Regular email platforms are meant to send fewer emails and not bulk emails , if you use them to send bulk email then the email id will be marked as spam on the web and all your emails will always land to spam folder making it useless to send emails..

There are special servers for sending bulk email which is sent in such a way that your email id is not blacklisted , also you get various types of reports for the emails sent which can be utilized for taking up further course of action.

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