Drafting a full patent application


Drafting a full patent application, A first practical guide using an actual invention.

The first section begins with a description of an invention, first the concept of the invention and the embodiments of the invention. The guide continues with a presentation of the results of a prior art search and by analysis of the most relevant documents of the prior art with the described invention. Then, three sections are devoted to the drafting of the patent application. The second section deals with the initial drafting steps, the step of preparing drawings without any written explanation, and the step of drafting a short description of each drawing. The third section deals with the drafting of the claims. A first movie describes the drafting of the independent product claim. An additional movie is devoted to the dependent product claims. The last movie of the section deals with the method claims. In the fourth and last section, the claims are first used to draft the brief summary by converting the legalese to plain English. The abstract is derived from the brief summary by shortening paragraphs and word saving in order to withstand a 150-word limit. The brief summary and the drawings are used to draft the product description and the method description in the last two movies of the guide. The last movie ends with the final polishing of the whole patent application. Each movie is accompanied by a practice activity to further enable the student to exercise the studied material. Rich resources are available for downloading and further facilitate excellent learning opportunities.

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