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Cyber Psychology Consultant, Cyber Psychology is the study of the Human Mind & Digital Behavior.

Today the virtual platform has been an important platform, where we can engage ourselves and others and gain benefits. Whatever we plan or decide, we always need a platform via which we can reach a mass population which has no geographical boundaries. In this book, which gives a brief idea about the advantages and disadvantages about the cyber world, we are trying out our best to contribute towards the society and aim to touch the lives of population by sharing our work and thoughts related to digital platforms, its benefits and drawbacks in which cyber-crime and cyber psychology has been combined. We are inspired by the true stories & events happening in our society and we are immensely encouraged to put forth our thought process & aiming for positive changes
Cyberpsychology is the study of the human mind and behavior and how the culture of technology, specifically, virtual reality, and social media affect them Mainstream research studies focus on the effect of the Internet and cyberspace on the psychology of individuals and groups. Some hot topics include: online identity, online relationships, personality types in cyberspace, transference to computers, addiction to computers and Internet, regressive behavior in cyberspace, online gender-switching, etc. While much research in this field is based around Internet usage, cyberpsychology also includes the study of the psychological ramifications of cyborgs, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality.

Media Psychology is an emerging specialty and the Society for Media Psychology and Technology of the American Psychological Association, i.e., APA division 46 includes many cyber-psychologists among its members

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