Create YOUR Own Success Every Day


Create YOUR Own Success Every Day, How To “Own it! Win it! Crush it” and Achieve Amazing Success and Increase your Income.

In today’s work environment, there are many challenges, frustrations, and sometimes a lack of opportunity, turf wars, office politics, backbiting: you name it. But the question is,

“How do you create your own success despite all of that is around you?”

One simple solution: You need to get yourself another way of looking at all of this, create your own happiness, mojo, and drive every day.

In order to do this, you have to have an independent mindset first and then a lot more would follow.

About Me:

I am Ash Seddeek, a speaker, bestselling author, and executive coach, and your instructor for this course.

My transformation to the independent mindset and success blueprint we talk about in this course is the result of working for others as well as for myself and picking up lessons along the way. You see I came to the US as a Fulbright scholar twice, so I admit I came with a lot of confidence and a desire to create a lot more success.

Over the past 25 years, I have worked for Fortune 500 companies which were the best environment to fail and succeed and learn from others along the way. These companies include Charles Schwab, Deloitte & Touche, Oracle Corporation, Cisco Systems, BroadVision Corporation, Salesforce, and many others, and ran my 7-figure business providing services to high-tech firms. As an executive coach, I work with leaders on how they can become chief excitement officers, develop inspiring visions for their companies and teams, communicate with impact, and tap into the power of business storytelling to inspire audiences and drive successful business transformations.

In this course, I outline the success philosophy I stumbled upon as I saw the difference between working for Charles Schwab vs. Deloitte & Touche. The vantage point of management consultant and client engagement mindsets changed the whole game for me and I hope my story and insights I share with you will be a game-changer for you, your daily success, happiness, and income levels.

Your success and financial independence are the strategic goals behind the principles and ideas in this course. Your massive success is what this is all about.

In this course, you will

  • Identify the philosophy shift required for creating your own success every day
  • Discover the three mastery areas that combine the “Own it! Win it! Crush it!” success blueprint
  • Learn the key mindsets and daily mantras required for success in each stage
  • Expand your self-driven daily motivation to create success for yourself and others
  • Create your own path for turning your current job or business conditions into more impact, success, income, and revenue
  • Embrace a new swagger in how you communicate, present, and get your work done
  • Create a strategic view on how everyday success is essential for the long-term financial independence you want to create for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Launch a new personal brand based on the “Own it! Win it! Crush it!” success blueprint and expect at least 30-40% more money in your pocket because as you increase the value of what you deliver at work or in your business, the more your income and revenue potential increases

I encourage you to tap into the activities, worksheets, tools, and action steps available for you in this course to put these powerful game-changer ideas into practice. Reach out to me as needed. When you become the master/mistress of your own universe, you are unstoppable! Here is to your amazing success ahead.

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