Create the Perfect Online Course – A Step-by-Step Guide


Create the Perfect Online Course – A Step-by-Step Guide,Learn the formula for creating an amazing online courses and programs from an eLearning expert.

Do you want to create more engaging courses that will be watched from start to finish? eLearning expert, Ken Burke, as actually developed a formula for creating the perfect course based on his experience creating hundreds of courses.

Ken will walk you step by step through the entire process starting off with the best practices you must know before you start development of your course.  Then Ken will go into course planning and structure, building programs from courses, pre-production, production, and filming and post-production.  Finally, Ken tells you exactly what metadata you need to publish your course.

Included in this course is a handy Course Guide and a spreadsheet that helps you organize all your data about the course and get it ready for distribution.

Extra Content for You – Create an Incredible eLearning Studio for Under $1000 – A Step by Step Guide

Do you want to have a professional eLearning studio so that you can create incredible videos and courses?  Before you waste a bunch of money on expensive equipment, you must watch this course.

Let Jonathan Jenkins, an expert videographer, video editor, sound engineer, director and producer, show you exactly how to setup your studio for under $1000.  He will cover all the key components needed in your studio including, lighting, sound/microphones and cameras, and he will make specific recommendations telling you exactly what equipment to buy so you don’t have to guess.

Jonathan will also the ideal environment for your studio and whether or not to use a green screen.  And if you decide to use a green screen, you don’t want to miss his valuable tips on filming with a green screen behind you.

About Jonathan Jenkins

Jonathan Morgan Jenkins is the founder of Performance Production Services. For most of his life he has been producing film/video and audio productions. In 1992, he built an early professional home digital audio recording studio. In 2002, he created PPS, soon after Google purchased YouTube. Along his creative journey he has earned two degrees in film production and two degrees in music. Considering his lengthy production career, he is a perfect consultant to help you build your professional video and audio home studio.

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