Create After Effects templates for Adobe Premiere Pro


Create After Effects templates for Adobe Premiere Pro, Learn to build Motion Graphics temple for Professional Video Editing.

Welcome to this course, where you will learn to build Motion Graphics templates in Adobe After Effects that can be used for creating awesome video projects such as documentary, travel vlog, educational content or just anything. Here you will learn to create various types of Motion graphics templates using multiple animations designed in a After effects composition, how you can export these templates so that it could be used by video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro. These templates can be added on top of video clips, images or vectors on the timeline and could be customized as required. For example, you will earn to create an animated Lower third text Mogrt in After Effects with customizable properties such as position, rotation, opacity, scale, font type, and more options that can be changed later on in Premiere Pro while editing videos.

Why creators use Motion Graphics templates?

Creative professionals use Motion Graphics templates to add cool animation for their video projects, without creating same thing over and over again. Templates saves a lot of time in content creation and provides tangible properties to alter its visuals.

This course covers various concepts with practical examples, with lessons as listed below-

  • Creating a Motion Graphics template in After Effects- Text opener
  • Using AE template in Premiere Pro- Text opener
  • Creating a Lower third in After Effects and Exporting Mogrt
  • Using AE lower third in Premiere
  • Creating Alpha Matte for Text
  • Adding alpha matte mogrt in premiere
  • Create animated pie chart
  • Using track matte for Pie chart
  • Adding transformation
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