Cracking the Code of Manifestation


Cracking the Code of Manifestation, How the Reticular Activating System Holds the Key to Manifest Anything!

R A S [ Reticular  Activating System] The Unsaid Code of Manifestation


THIS COURSE is based on one of  my best-selling book: R A S The Secret Code of Manifestation

Inside I share my decades of PERSONAL EXPERIENCE on EMPOWERING Reticular Activating systems.

My Journey How I flipped POVERTY into PROSPERITY.

Achieving Success is clearly not as easy as turning the palm of your hand. But if you master proven techniques, you will be able to build success more efficiently than anyone else.

So what Reticular Activating System [R A S]  is?

The reticular activating system located in the brain stem of the mammalian brain is a bunch of neural fibers commonly known as the Reticular Formation.

It plays a part in many important functions in human biology, including sleeping and waking, breathing, the beating of your heart, and behavioral motivation.

The R A S can be considered the Google Search engine of your MIND. It will search for and keep only the best data it considers relevant based on your instructions, will, and programing ( beliefs, values, goals). Supporting the notion that we all have it within us to generate abundance.

However, with all the information relating to abundance and manifestation, very little is written about the R A S, which is interesting due to how critical it is in the manifesting process.

So, Congratulations you finding this course. If you believe things happen for a reason, then it means you are destined to discover a secret code of manifestation. And build whatever you dream of in your life.

Don’t WAIT, Time is FREE but not YOURS. If you are ready to change your life, ready to remap and manifest your goals and live life abundantly. Look no further, Inside I share all the steps and techniques which I use to build the life of my dreams.

Take Action Now, and start metamorphosing into whatever you want to be.

See you Inside,

Love & Gratitude

Zen Toronto

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