Complete Mechanical Vibration Online Course RAHME301 Rahsoft


Complete Mechanical Vibration Online Course RAHME301 Rahsoft, Mechanical, Civil, Avionic, Material & Chemical Engineering Vibration Course RAHME301 Rahsoft Complete Course & Examples.

Mechanical vibration is one of the most important application of Mechanics. In Mechanical vibration we deal with many important and practical problems that finding their solution is critical. In most cases, solutions for vibratory systems can save many human’s lives.

The prerequisites for studying mechanical vibration are courses such as statics, dynamics and mechanics of material. To solve problems in Mechanical vibration and better understanding of its application a solid knowledge of all these areas is needed.

A student of mechanical vibrations must learn how to use the knowledge that exists to model a mechanical system with appropriate assumptions. Assumptions like number of degrees of freedom, famous mechanics principles. The student will get familiar with deriving the equations governing the model and then solve them. Sometimes the solution for modeling results are easy to find (a small group of differential equations) and sometimes some other assumptions are needed.

The purpose of this course is to draw a guideline for students who study mechanical vibrations through many aspects of vibration analysis. Also the course is planned to give the student the ability to design useful structures for damping annoying vibrations.

In First chapter you will get familiar with basic concepts in Mechanical vibrations and also different elements used in modeling vibratory systems are introduced.
In second and third chapter two general cases in vibratory systems are considered, free and harmonic vibration.
in each chapter there are many practical examples that are directly connected with problems in real world, we use these examples for more illustration.

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