Certified 5S Practitioner: in Building Lean Enterprises


Certified 5S Practitioner: in Building Lean Enterprises, Certified 5S Practitioner: in Building Lean Enterprises, Training and Certification program.

This Certification program is designed to give in depth knowledge about implementing of 5S (i.e. 6S) as an approach to build Lean Enterprises. This program is designed to be aligned with ASQ, BQF, and other leading Quality bodies. This program starts from the very basic concepts of 5S and then advances towards the implementation of 5S including achieving a Safe workplace.

  • This program is taught to thousands of production floor employees, machine operators, working professionals and executives, and to different levels of students.
  • The program is designed to be very efficient and we have used an innovative visual-audio mixed teaching technique in delivering this program.
  • You may use this Certification, to boost your career prospects.
  • Once you complete the course, you have given the chance to obtain two certificates, one form our hosting partner and the other is a valuable certificate issued by us offering title ‘Certified 5S Practitioner: in building Lean Enterprises’.

You will find the Course content below, and you can view few files before you Enroll. At the end of this course, we believe that you will be capable to work as a ‘Certified 5S Practitioner’.

We advise you to use Headphones, or Earphones to experience better Audio effects

We wish you all the best with the course…!

The ISSK Team


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