Certificate course in Kinesiology Taping


Certificate course in Kinesiology Taping, sports taping, athletic taping, biomechanics, clinical taping.

This certificate course in kinesiology taping is designed to teach students about the principles, techniques, and applications of kinesiology taping. Kinesiology taping is a therapeutic technique used to support and stabilize muscles and joints, reduce pain and inflammation, and improve athletic performance.

Students will learn how to assess and identify specific muscle and joint injuries and how to apply kinesiology tape for optimal support and healing. Students will learn how to apply kinesiology tape for various injuries, such as ankle sprains, knee pain, shoulder injuries, and lower back pain.

Throughout the course, students will have access to instructional videos and demonstrations that show them how to apply kinesiology tape correctly and effectively. They will also learn about the latest research on kinesiology taping and how to integrate it into their practice.

By the end of the course, students will have the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently apply kinesiology taping in their practice or for personal use.

Course Topics:

  • Introduction to kinesiology taping
  • Principles and theory of kinesiology taping
  • Types of kinesiology tapes and their applications
  • Assessing and identifying muscle and joint injuries
  • Kinesiology taping for ankle sprains, knee pain, shoulder injuries, lower back pain and sports conditions
  • Instructional videos and demonstrations
  • Research and evidence-based practice in kinesiology taping

Course Requirements:

  • Basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology
  • Access to kinesiology tape
  • Computer or mobile device with internet access to access the Udemy platform

Target Audience:

  • Physical therapists, athletic trainers, massage therapists, chiropractors, and other healthcare professionals
  • Personal trainers, coaches, and athletes
  • Anyone interested in learning about kinesiology taping for personal use or to enhance their professional skills.

Course Length: This course is a self-paced course and can be completed in approximately 6-8 hours.

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