Business Fundamentals : Principles of Marketing


Business Fundamentals : Principles of Marketing, Crash course on Marketing Strategy.

Understanding marketing and using the appropriate marketing strategy is vital for any business. Without applying the knowledge of business fundamentals and marketing, companies can often fail.

If you are someone who never formally studied marketing, then this course is for you. This course covers basic marketing terminologies and concepts one should know in order to pursue marketing in any business. Marketing is an important function of a business, which helps in communicating with the customers and providing them with value. By the end of this course you will be familiar with the basic terms of marketing, using different marketing strategies, understanding the marketing mix, marketing channels, new product development and handling marketing research information.
This course will also cover the marketing mix in detail along with discussing some real life examples. In addition to this, we will also study about the marketing mix of service oriented companies and the 7P’s of marketing.

We will also cover the marketing planning process in this course and discuss the steps in implementing a marketing strategy. A good marketing plan provides an ideal blueprint for the implementation of the marketing strategy. Having a knowledge of this will help you fulfil marketing goals and objectives successfully.
This is a business fundamentals course on marketing, so newcomers are welcome.

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