Build an FBA EMPIRE, Start & scale a successful Amazon Business in 2022 . Tips from a current 7 figure Wholesale & Online Arbitrage Seller.


Welcome to the Build an FBA Empire guide. Included is everything needed to start and grow a successful Amazon FBA Business in 2022.

My name is Jonah, and I have been a full time Amazon seller for 3 years now. I will give you my exact strategies that I have used to grow my 7 figure Wholesale & Online Arbitrage Business, with walk through examples and actionable advice that you can use to go start making money from day 1!

Topics this course will teach you:

– How to do Product Research
– Subscriptions & Tools you need
– How to win at Online Arbitrage
– Growing a Wholesale FBA business
– Scaling with Virtual Assistants
– My Advanced Seller Strategies

And more!

(including amazon secrets you’ve never heard before)

Also included are:

– Keepa example #1 video
– Keepa example #2 video
– Scan Unlimited walk through video
– Smartscout brand/wholesaler hunting video
– OA sourcing example video

A few downloadable attachments will be included as well

– Keepa Guide
– Brand/Wholesaler Phone Script
– Free Resources & Discount Links

Still on the fence?

Here are a few reasons why you should start building an Amazon business.

1. 2.5 billion monthly visits to Amazon’s platform

2. Amazon makes $4,722 every second, which makes it $283,000

per minute and over $17 million in just 1 hour ( it can’t be saturated)

3. 60% of sales are 3rd party sellers

It can’t be saturated if you learn how to sell like a pro

Start building for your future today!


The content inside is from my experience with selling on Amazon, and I cannot guarantee your success. Unlike what you hear on the sponsored ads, Amazon FBA is not a passive income business model and will require your time and effort.

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