Brain Stimulated Wellness


Brain Stimulated Wellness, Train Your Brain to Choose Wellness!

Brain Stimulated Wellness is a complete training program teaching a Neurokinesis Intervention that works with the brain to eliminate the chemicals that create stress, anxiety, anger, numbness, and symptoms from depression, trauma, and PTSD, to stimulate, release, and detox the neuro sympathetic systems of the body.

Brain Stimulated Wellness trains you how to stimulate your brain to choose wellness and create transformation in seconds to minutes!​

In this personal development wellness training you’ll learn:

  • The 4 step Neurokinesis Technique
  • The Brain vs the Mind
  • The Brain as an Organ
  • The interstitial System as a New Organ
  • How to transform from hopeless to hopeful!
  • A Reactive vs Responsive Nervous System
  • Detox the nervous system of the chemicals that create panic, anxiety, fear, anger, numbness, and symptoms related to trauma.
  • Learn how negative chemistry in the nervous system blocks the ability to respond clearly
  • We are in crisis right now as we react all over each other. Learn HOW to stop the trigger looping NOW!
  • Bonuses!
    • Receive a 40 day Brain Wellness Journal!
    • 4 Step Cheat Sheet Download!

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Learn to use the power of your body’s intelligence to stimulate the Brain to choose wellness!


Brain Stimulated Wellness is a complete training program combining neurokinesis and working with the Interstitial System of the body to train the Brain to choose wellness.

It’s like CrossFit for the Brain! ~ Ken USA

*Neurokinesis is the ability to physically manipulate nerves, neural tissue and nervous systems. It can be used both as an assessment tool and as a self applied intervention technique.

Why learn Brain Simulated Wellness? ​
We are in crisis with reactive nervous systems. Learn how Brain Stimulated Wellness can intervene within seconds to minutes and detox your neuro systems to allow you to respond instead of react.

Brain stimulated Wellness is a method using neurokinesis with the body’s interstitial system to stimulate the Brain as an organ to choose wellness. A self directed method to intervene with the nervous system when experiencing symptoms such as anxiety, panic, fear, etc. Following the steps for Brain Stimulated Wellness to detox the system of the chemistry created that causes the body to go into fight or flight states. This method flushes the nervous system to allow the Brain to respond, rather than react.

Heartfelt Awakening LLC is a media company providing eBooks, publications, videos, podcasts, products and services focused on Wellness.. Our organization exists to arm people with techniques, tools, and methods you can take away and begin using right away. We enable heartfelt leaders to be seen, heard and activated and what they’re called to do so the world can hear and feel the results of their dreams. Many Wellness Practitioners are on this journey to make an impact by creating change and transformation.

This is NOT therapy. This is teaching the Brain wellness.
With Brain Stimulated Wellness we avoid repeating the story in the work we do with clients because we do not want to create a story of the story. We are not working with the Mind, we are working with the Brain as an organ, the neuro sympathetic systems, and the interstitial system.

Your brain is not just in your head. All memory is stored in the body. Every time the Mind accesses a memory, a memory of the memory is created. This memory is brought into the NOW experience and the nervous system creates a new memory. The neuro pathways become more solidified and triggers begin to loop. I call it Trigger Looping. However the Brain as an organ is very fluid. However, if we are creating the chemistry that creates these negative reactions on a regular basis, we are creating a neuro toxic environment and clogging the mechanisms of our neural systems.

The content is for informational or educational purposes only, and does not substitute professional medical advice or consultations with healthcare professionals.

This specific training program is also available for Professional Continuous Development, Certify to teach Brain Stimulated Wellness, and Employee Assistance Wellness Programs! Ask us how!

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