Basic Neuroscience of Major Depression


Basic Neuroscience of Major Depression, In-depth Understanding and Recovery Tips.

Suitable for individuals with major depressive disorder(MDD) wanting to understand their brain and symptoms better, student counsellors & experienced practitioners who intend to use basic neuroscience of MDD to complement their existing modalities and knowledge-base to help individuals with depression, this course focuses on understanding basic neuroscience of major depression; the regions of the brain affected and why those brain regions generate the debilitating depressive symptoms that they generate. This course also offers tips to optimise those brain regions towards recovery. You will also get your depression-related questions answered.

What Attendees Are Saying:

Thank you so much for the webinar. It was so helpful and informative and made so much sense. My children and I are domestic abuse survivors. My oldest son and I were diagnosed with Complex PTSD about 3 years ago. We are well on the road to recovery now but it was fascinating to hear much of our experiences psychologically explained. I trained as a therapeutic artist working with traumatised people and am constantly working to increase my knowledge and experience. So thank you. Janet M.

Wale showed a great deal of knowledge and understanding. If this and other courses remain with an online choice, for those of us who are disabled and unable to travel to these, I would recommend them. Diane Y., Counsellor and Hypnotherapist

Considering the current pandemic, the course was delivered in a manner that allowed for interaction with other attendees, this was unexpected, very useful and very well carried out. Kayleigh P. Massage Therapist (

I think that a very complex subject has been made simple to understand and digest. Well done! Amanda E., Counsellor

Definitely worth 90 minutes of my day! Will look into other relevant courses, eg polyvagal theory, PTSD… Great to have presentation in advance (some courses only give them out after the course) as it was then easier to follow the slides and make better notes. Deb M., Clinical Hypotherapist & Psychotherapist

Wale was very thorough and his passion comes through. The content and handouts were clear and informative. Lorna F., Prison Counsellor

Wale delivers the information in a friendly and accessible way – Thank you. The notes and worksheets include references to enable further reading on the subjects which I find essential. Vikki M.

Thank you for such an interesting and down to earth presentation of what is a complicated subject. Wale’s unique approach cements it altogether. Jeanette A.

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